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I. The air pressure distribution:

1. The causes of changing air pressure:

- Air pressure: compression of air into the Earth's surface.

- Changing of air pressure: height, temperature, humidity.

2. The distribution of the air pressure belt on the Earth:

- The belt of high pressure, low pressure distribution and symmetrical through the low air pressure belt near Equator.

II. Types of wind:

1. West winds temperate:

- Blowing from high pressure to low pressure reach tropical to temperate latitudes

- Operation hours: a year round.

- Mainly to the west.

- Nature of the wind: Humidity, together with rain.

2. Trade winds:

- Range of activating: Blow from high pressure to reach the tropical low pressure area near Equator.

- Operation hours: a year round.

- Direction: North East (northern hemisphere) South East (southern hemisphere).

- The nature of the wind: Dry, less rain.

3. Monsoon:

- A type of wind which blow in the opposite direction in two different seasons with two different properties.

- This type doesn’t have air pressure belt.

- Blowing in the hot tropics (India, South-East Asia...) and East of the continent as the middle latitudes such as East Asia, South-East United States ...

- There are two kinds of monsoons:

+ Monsoon is caused by the difference in temperature and air pressure in the two hemispheres.

4. Local wind:

a. Land wind, sea breeze:

- Formation at the coast.

- Change direction by day and night.

- In day, the wind blowing from sea to land. At night, it will reverse.

b. The Foehn:

- A type of wind through the mountains when denatured become dry and hot.

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