Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Is Tsunami ?

1. What is the Tsunami ?

The word Tsunami (Tsu: Wave; Nami: Harbor) is from Japanese and was accepted as a international word to describe a series of wave. Tsunami can eliminate all the things on its way. ( Building, vehicles and human…. )

2. How did the Tsunami generated ?

There are many causes to create a Tsunami but the six main reasons is :

* Earthquakes

* Volcanic Eruptions
* Underwater Explosions
* Landslides
* Mass Movements
* Meteor Impacts

This is a video shows how Tsunami was formed :

Higher views :

3. More Information :

Tsunami has plenty of information that can be use to predict it also information that been researched :

The speed : Tsunami can reached the speed at 800-900km/h in average so that it could cross the whole ocean in a few hours with the speed of an airplane like this. Notice that the average speed of normal wave is just 90 km/h. In addition ,the closer to the land the more speed is reduced and the more height is increased.

The height : From the horizon, Tsunami is just a 7 cm white line but when it come closer, it can rise up to 30 meter or over. For example, the Tsunami attacked Lituya Bay in Alaska reached 525 meters . So it almost cannot be seen from the land by eyes leads to the damages it causes is unpredictable.

4. The differences between a regular wave and the Tsunami:

The flow : The regular wave is a circle-flowing wave but the Tsunami is a straight-flowing one so that make it more dangerous.

The movement : Regular waves are generated by the wind and normally it just a movement of the surface. In the Tsunami case, it is a movement of a whole body of water which causes by the reasons mentioned above.

Cycle ( time between 2 continuous waves ) and wavelength ( distance between 2 continuous waves ) : Cycle of the regular wave is from about 5 – 20 seconds and the wavelength is from 100 – 200 meters but if it is a Tsunami, the cycle can increased to 10 – 120 minutes and up to 500 km for the wavelength. With long timing and the long distance like that, Tsunami again unpredictable.

5. Why does the Tsunami can make such a huge damage ?

The regular waves which is generated by the wind are just move its surface and be impacted by many causes lead to losing its energy too. Tsunamis movement are below the surface so its energy is almost intact due to the damage from the earthquake, volcano,... can be impact to the land from a far distance.

6. The signs show that there is a Tsunami coming !!

Tsunami is hardly to be detected from the shore so that here is a sign that will tell the Tsunami is coming :

The water slowly roll up with waves but not break and not as powerful as the waves of the coming storm.
There will be sponge and the water will suddenly sprint down.
Sometime there will be H2S in the water.



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